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40th Street (City of Tampa) - Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

American Acquisition Group was given the assignment of acquiring right-of-way for the City of Tampa in coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation District Seven, on a 4.5 mile corridor, which involved acquisition, relocation, property management and quality control, to re-align a sharp winding road to a safer, modern roadway.

This project, that has five acquisition phases, AAG has acquired more than160 parcels with approximately 40% being settling prior to filing suit and over 100 complex commercial and residential relocations even though the City of Tampa experienced a lengthy PD&E phase and the affected property owners were saturated with solicitations from countless eminent domain attorneys, in some cases for over 12 years.

The timing on all phases, A-E, involved strict coordination between AAG, City of Tampa Real Estate Division, the City of Tampa Transportation Department, Demolition and Construction Teams, as individual demolitions and two new bridges needed to be constructed without interruption of the traffic flow through an area of Tampa where over 17,000 vehicles per day travel.

This project presented a number of challenges due to stalls in negotiations, difficult relocation issues and increased construction costs, which AAG took into consideration during each phase of their duties.

Other issues to comply with and coordinate with were the asbestos inspections, abatement and demolition scheduling, which AAG not only completed in compliance with 49 Code Federal Regulations Part 24 / The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended, but also in a timely manner.

From public meetings to individual engagements, were daily accomplishments AAG provided to the client and community. Many consisted of sensitive business and property owners. Our field professionals made it a priority to provide as much information to promote positive public perception to all affected property owners, businesses and tenants. In order to maximize resources and maintain an aggressive timeline, the AAG Team worked closely with neighborhood task force groups to identify the most critical issues and parcels along the roadway to stay on schedule.

The 40th Street/McKinley Drive corridor is a north/south urban arterial corridor located between 30th Street on the west and 56th Street on the east. The limits of the project are from Hillsborough Avenue to Fowler Avenue. The corridor was a two-lane rural roadway and included a two-lane bridge across the Hillsborough River, Tampa's main source of drinking water.

For all five phases (Segments A-E) the widening project also provides for roadway, storm-water, water and wastewater improvements, street lighting, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, bus shelters and bus bays and three roundabouts.

40th Street is a major gateway to Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, the University of South Florida, and two regional medical hospitals. The improvements AAG accomplished through negotiation, relocation and property management provide a more efficient route to these destinations and help alleviate congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and motorists.

The nature of the acquisition and relocation process was priority one to AAG and the City of Tampa as this project had been on the drawing board for many years. AAG acted as accessible educational resources for both the client and affected property owners, which is evident in the final product for the benefit of the public.