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Key Personnel

AAG offers the most experienced cross-trained staff available in the industry today. We are proud of the fact that our staff has remained essentially intact with minimal employee turnover for the past eight years. At the same time, our staff has continuously grown and includes members with over 200 years of combined right-of-way experience. Below is our key personnel only. Associate and long-standing subconsultant staffing and experts are available to supplement staff to perform turn-key services and undertake large projects sought by our public sector clientele. The key to our success is that we adapt to the intricacies of each individual client's operating procedures while complying with appropriate laws and statutes. We take direction and perform right-of-way services the way that you want them done!

Take a look at our key personnel and see for yourself why we are the most qualified for the job!

D. Wade Brown, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, R/W-NAC - President/CEO, State Certified Gen. R.E. Appraiser

Mr. Brown is the firm's President and Chief Executive Officer responsible for all oversight of firm production, marketing and fiscal. He has over 25 years in the right of way industry as a negotiator, relocation agent and appraiser with last 18 years being in project management, in addition to his executive duties. Mr. Brown is proficient in negotiations, relocation assistance, appraisal, condemnation suit, and mediation assistance all in compliance with the Uniform Relocation Act providing these services on condemnation projects encompassing over 2000 parcels and displacees. Mr. Brown has been responsible for LAP certification with several agencies in Florida seeking to procure federal and state funds by ensuring compliance to mandated guidelines and prequalified in project management nationwide. Notable management includes 20+ general services contracts including district wide, pushbuttons, as-needed and General Engineering Contracts valued in excess of $75 million.

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Robert Matthew Riggs - Principal, Project Manager

Mr. Riggs is a Managing Partner of the firm and licensed Florida Real Estate Salesperson with over 17 years of experience in the private sector. He performs as a title researcher, loan originator, and closing agent for the firm in addition to his right-of-way responsibilities. His experience includes acquisition and relocation on projects with the City of Tampa, Florida Department of Transportation in Districts I, II, III, IV and VII, the Florida Counties of Manatee, Sarasota, Martin, Polk and Volusia, the Florida Cities of Tampa and Lakeland and the Texas Department of Transportation as a relocation specialist. Mr. Riggs oversees all projects for the firm in Polk County, Florida.